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Jewellery, Beading & Wireworking

Jewellery, Beading & Wireworking
Books on a wide variety of beading, wireworking, metalworking, fibre, polymer clay & other jewellery making subjects!
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15+ Ways to Alter Metal Surfaces DVD - Kazmer

Model: DVD13BD27

Learn how to make metal jewellery with dynamic colour! Join Susan Lenart Kazmer and discover 15 ways..

$16.50 Ex Tax: $15.00

200 Braids to Twist Knot Loop & Weave - J Carey

Model: BK2704

All projects benefit from that perfect finishing touch. Create a personalized braided trim to com..

$45.95 Ex Tax: $41.77

Art Dolls - Twenty to Make - S Lawrence

Model: B-120

Crafting fabulous figures with paper, wood, wire, threads, beads, and other baubles is part of the f..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.59

Artistic Wire - Advanced Chain Maille


Take the next step in your chain maille journey and learn how to weave like the experts! Author a..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Artistic Wire - Basics of Chain Maille


Learn the basics of chain maille with author and chain maille expert Lauren Andersen! You’l..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Bead Play Every Day - B Stone

Model: BK3230

Experienced designer and teacher Beth Stone helps bead stitchers explore, experiment, and express th..

$35.95 Ex Tax: $32.68

Bead Stringing Basics Booklet - Margot Potter


Beadalon Bead Stringing Basics booklet by Margot Potter. Learn the basic techniques for jewellery..

$3.95 Ex Tax: $3.59

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry - Dylon Whyte

Model: BK2339

Chain mail is one of the hottest jewellery trends out there; add beads and the style positively s..

$31.00 Ex Tax: $28.18

Beaded Colorways - Beverly Ash Gilbert

Model: BK-174

Beaded Colorways offers inspiration and direction for working with color and creating custom color m..

$33.95 Ex Tax: $30.86

Beaded Jewelry - Tair Parnes

Model: B-2591

Few things satisfy a crafters craving for self-expression like working with beadsand Tair Parnes ..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $36.32

Beaded Macrame Jewelry - Sheri Haab

Model: BK1259

Macramé. Just the word summons up images of hideous 1960s atrocities designed to hang plan..

$21.50 Ex Tax: $19.55

Beading with Crystals - Jean Campbell & K Aimone

Model: BK-BWC

Snap up this special reprint of a popular bestseller, now repackaged with a new cov..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

Beading with Cubes & Triangles - Alice Korach

Model: DO-5314

A note from the author: When Suzanne from Design Originals Books and I discussed the focus of my fi..

$38.95 Ex Tax: $35.41

Beading with Cubes & Triangles 2 - A Korach

Model: DO-5323

When Design Originals created Cubes and Triangles 1, they created twice as many projects as would fi..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $21.77

Beading with Superduos

Model: BK416

Beading with SuperDuos created exclusively for the BeadSmith by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel. Are you ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Beads & Trinkets - Embellishing with Idea-ology, Findin

Model: DO-3448

Art of the every day is unique, chic, and very personal. Using trinkets and beads, it is easy to tr..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

Beautiful Bracelets - Design Originals

Model: DO-30

For thousands of years people have loved to adorn themselves with beads and natural gems. These stun..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $13.64

Beautiful Designs with Super Duos & Twin Beads - C Cave

Model: BK2742

Stitchers love the new two-hole seed beads, but projects that showcase these popular products hav..

$31.50 Ex Tax: $28.64

Beautiful Elements - Heather Powers

Model: BK3235

Jewellery makers eager to personalize each project will enjoy learning the new techniques in Beau..

$35.50 Ex Tax: $32.27

Beautiful Leather Jewelry - M Cable

Model: BK3147

This is leather jewelry like you've never seen before! In Beautiful Leather Jewelry, Melissa ..

$34.95 Ex Tax: $31.77