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Semi-Precious Gemstone Cabochons for your jewellery designs!  We have a big range of cabs in lots of sizes, gemstones and shapes.

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7x5mm Hematite (manmade) Oval Cabochons

Model: CB-1428

The mirror-like metallic black, almost gunmetal black, finish is extremely uniform. Size:&nbs..

$0.80 Ex Tax: $0.73

7x5mm Oval A-Grade Citrine Cabochons - each

Model: CB-1294

7x5mm Oval A-Grade Citrine Cabochons. Highly polished, golden-yellow quality cabochons brighten j..

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

7x5mm Oval Peridot Gemstone Cabochons - each

Model: CB-1830

7x5mm Natural Peridot Gemstone Cabochons. From the San Carlos Indian reservation in Arizona, our ..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

7x5mm Turquoise Oval Cabochons with Matrix Out Of Stock

7x5mm Turquoise Oval Cabochons with Matrix

Model: CB-2143

7x5mm Turquoise Oval Cabochons with matrix. Stabilized turquoise with web-like matrix has been im..

$3.70 Ex Tax: $3.36

8mm Amethyst Gemstone Natural Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1153

Designer quality hand-cut amethyst gemstone cabochons range in colour from deep purple to pale laven..

$17.35 Ex Tax: $15.77

8mm B-Grade Malachite Round Gemstone Cabochons

Model: CB-1617

8mm calibrated diameter Natural Malachite B-Grade Gemstone Cabochons. Light greens and dark green..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

8mm Fancy Jasper Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1533

Fancy jasper cabochons are of varied solid and blended colours, and can display an array of random c..

$0.95 Ex Tax: $0.86

8mm Hematite (manmade) Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1424

The mirror-like metallic black, almost gunmetal black, finish is extremely uniform. Size:&nbs..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

8mm Howlite Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1454

Ivory white background with a spider web pattern of the black lines, howlite has traditionally been ..

$1.10 Ex Tax: $1.00

8mm Red Coral Round Cabochons

Model: CB-3091

8mm Red Coral Round Cabochons. From pale to deep rose, light to dark red, the various colors of t..

$9.65 Ex Tax: $8.77

8mm Round Garnet Cabochons Out Of Stock

8mm Round Garnet Cabochons

Model: CB-1375

8mm Round Natural Garnet Cabochons. Excellent clarity in wine-colored stones. In Victorian times,..

$18.50 Ex Tax: $16.82

8mm Snowflake Obsidian Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1892

8mm diameter round Natural Snowflake Obsidian Cabochons. This variety of volcanic glass is black ..

$1.95 Ex Tax: $1.77

8x6mm B Grade Callibrated Rainbow Moonstone Oval Cabochons

Model: CB-1578

Generally a white stone, rainbow moonstone features occasional iridescent or multicolored flashes wi..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

8x6mm Oval Chrysocolla Cabochons - per pair

Model: CB-1281

Stabilized 8x6mm Oval Chrysocolla Cabochons. Chrysocolla blends blue, green, brown and tan tones,..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $7.27

8x6mm Oval Garnet Cabochons - per pair

Model: CB-1379

Natural Garnet 8x6mm Oval Cabochons. Excellent clarity in wine-coloured stones. In Victorian time..

$11.20 Ex Tax: $10.18

9x7mm Oval Blue Agate Cabochons

Model: CB-1084

Translucent, vibrant medium blue. Set these cabochons open-backed to let their blue glow shine throu..

$1.90 Ex Tax: $1.73