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Gemstone Beads - K-Z.  See Section A-J for rest of list!
Nothing adds class to your jewellery designs like sem-precious natural Gemstone beads!  Gemstone beads are available in many shapes, colours and sizes - buy individually or per strand.

From before recorded history, semi precious gemstones & crystals have been used as both ornament and as currency. The earliest known use was in France approximately 38,000 years ago.  Crystals house spiritual and healing properties that can be tapped into a variety of ways. Crystals can be carried or worn on the person, or placed in a location where their healing vibrations can be felt by whomever is nearby. Healers also place stones on their clients' reclined bodies to balance the chakras and aura.

Discover a myriad of semi precious beads from the Earth's palette!

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10mm Black Lava Rock Round Beads

Model: SP-8903

Natural lava rock beads include naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces, making each bead uniq..

$6.60 Ex Tax: $6.00

10mm Black Obsidian A Grade Gemstone Round Beads

Model: SP-9910

Natural Black Obsidian Round Beads - Grade A. Size: about 10mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 39pc..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $16.32

10mm Black Tourmaline Round Faceted Beads - Strand

Model: SP-6559

  Natural Black Tourmaline 10mm Faceted Round B Grade Beads.  Sold per 15 inch strand. ..

$35.20 Ex Tax: $32.00

10mm Faceted Round Tigereye Beads - Strand

Model: SP-5474

Natural 10mm Faceted Round B-Grade Tigereye Beads - per 16" strand ..

$16.90 Ex Tax: $15.36

10mm Lapis Lazuli Round Gemstone Beads - 7.6in strand

Model: SP-0710

Natural Lapis Lazuli Beads Strands, Dyed, Round Size: about 10mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 19..

$11.75 Ex Tax: $10.68

10mm Natural Rhodochrosite Callibrated Round Cabochon

Model: CB-2670

10mm Natural Rhodochrosite (B-Grade) Round Cabochon Rhodochrosite cabochons are perfect for makin..

$15.70 Ex Tax: $14.27

10mm Rose Quartz (natural/dyed) Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-9186

10mm Round B-Grade Rose Quartz Round Gemstone Beads (natural/dyed).  Mohs hardness 7. Per 15..

$16.60 Ex Tax: $15.09

10mm Rose Quartz B-Grade Natural Round Beads

Model: SP-4040

10mm Natural colour rose quartz, like the delicate pink rose for which it is named, is associated wi..

$16.95 Ex Tax: $15.41

10mm Snowflake Obsidian Round Beads

Model: SP-SNO

10mm round B-Grade Snowflake Obsidian gemstone beads, 0.5-1.2mm hole. Usually black or dark gray wi..

$6.50 Ex Tax: $5.91

10mm Tibetan dZi Coffee Col Natural Agate Round Bead

Model: DZI-105

Tibetan Style Coffee Colour Dyed Natural Agate 10mm Round Dzi Beads Size: about 10mm in diame..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

10mm Tigereye Round Natural Gemstone Beads - B Grade

Model: SP-4073

10mm Diameter B-Grade Natural Tigereye Gemstone Beads - Per 15.5" Strand (approx 38 beads)  Loo..

$46.50 Ex Tax: $42.27

10mm Tourmalinated Quartz B Grade Natural Gemstone Round Beads

Model: SP-7992

Milky white quartz with striking black needle-like inclusions (rutiles) of black tourmaline. A class..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $36.32

12mm Black Obsidian Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-1208

Natural Black Gemstone Obsidian Round Beads Strands Size: about 12mm in diameter, hole: 1-1.5mm, ..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

12mm Green Tigereye Polygon Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-2212

Lovely Designer Quality Faceted Round/Polygon Dyed Green Natural Gemstone Tiger Eye Bead Strands. ..

$11.20 Ex Tax: $10.18

12mm Round Synthetic Lava Beads - Mixed Colours

Model: SP-4113

Mixed Colour Synthetic Lava Round Beads Strands (dyed) Size: about 12mm in diameter, hole: 2mm; a..

$8.80 Ex Tax: $8.00

12x7mm Chalk Turquoise Oval Beads

Model: SP-4257

This turquoise has been stabilized and dyed a lively turquoise blue colour that may range in tone ..

$3.25 Ex Tax: $2.95

13.5x8.1x5.3mm Blue Turquoise Stone Mini Round Gemstone Charms - Gold Tone Plated Brass

Model: SPCH-NS1577G

Approx 13.52x8.1x5.3mm Blue Turquoise Stone Mini Round Gemstone Charms – Gold Tone Plated Brass. ..

$3.70 Ex Tax: $3.36

13.5x8.1x5.3mm Rose Quartz Stone Mini Round Gemstone Charms - Gold Tone Plated Brass

Model: SPCH-NS1577A

Approx 13.52x8.1x5.3mm Rose Quartz Stone Mini Round Gemstone Charms – Gold Tone Plated Brass. Pri..

$3.70 Ex Tax: $3.36

13x18mm Turquoise Magnesite Turtle Beads

Model: SP-131TRTL

Really cute hand-carved dyed and antiqued Magnesite Turquoise Turtle Beads - measures 13 x18mm with ..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.27

14-15mm Tigereye Round Gemstone Beads - Strand

Model: SP-8757

Natural 14-15mm Tigereye D Grade Round Beads.  Per 15 inch Strand - $12.95 per strand Lim..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77