This section contains Gemstone beads from A-J. See Section K-Z for the rest of the list!
Nothing adds class to your jewellery designs like semi-precious natural Gemstone beads! Gemstone beads are available in many shapes, colours and sizes - buy individually or per strand.

From before recorded history, semi precious gemstones & crystals have been used as both ornament and as currency. The earliest known use was in France approximately 38,000 years ago.  Crystals house spiritual and healing properties that can be tapped into a variety of ways. Crystals can be carried or worn on the person, or placed in a location where their healing vibrations can be felt by whomever is nearby. Healers also place stones on their clients' reclined bodies to balance the chakras and aura.

Discover a myriad of semi precious beads from the Earth's palette!

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10mm Black Crackle Agate Faceted Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-8394

9-11mm Black Crackle Agate Gemstone Beads (dyed/heated) Sold per 15 inch strand   ..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

10mm Crazy Lace Agate Round Beads

Model: SP-9860

Sky Blue Crazy Lace Agate 10mm Round Beads Also known as larimar blue crazy lace agate for its st..

$34.25 Ex Tax: $31.14

10mm Dark Carnelian Round Gemstone Beads - 1.5mm hole

Model: SP-CA10DK

Round Dark Carnelian Gemstone Bead Strands - measure 10mm diameter with 1-1.5mm hole.  Per 15-1..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

10mm Faceted Grey Agate Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-8407

Lovely 10mm Faceted Round B-Grade (dyed/heated) Natural Grey Agate Round Beads.  Mohs hardness ..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

10mm Howlite Turquoise Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1496

Turquoise blue howlite is dyed to resemble turquoise. Howlite can contain grey to black inclusions a..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

10mm Natural Amazonite Faceted Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-5421

Natural Faceted Amazonite Round Bead Strands.  Stunning natural multi-toned faceted round beads..

$16.95 Ex Tax: $15.41

10mm Natural Amethyst Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-1062

Round 10mm Amethyst  Gemstone Beads - Natural undyed. Amethyst with purple and crystal appea..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

10mm Natural Designer Quality Crystal Quartz Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-9817

Crystal-clear quartz beads are machine-cut and feature excellent clarity with little to no inclusion..

$33.95 Ex Tax: $30.86

10mm Natural Fossil Coral Round Beads

Model: SP-9580

Each fossil coral bead shows patterns of prehistoric coral in light and dark sandy colors with exqui..

$44.95 Ex Tax: $40.86

10mm Natural Indian Agate Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-1002

Natural Indian Agate Round Gemstone Bead Strands about 10mm diameter, hole: about 1mm, 15~16" str..

$11.50 Ex Tax: $10.45

10mm Non-Magnetic Hematite Designer Quality Beads with Large 3mm hole

Model: BGS-HE10

Designer Quality 10mm round beads with 2.8-3mm hole Large hole fits easily on leather, thick cord..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $17.23

10mm White Howlite Natural Gemstone Faceted Round Beads

Model: SP-6157

Natural howlite is snow-white with fine grey veining. Like a softly falling snow, it offers a pure s..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $27.23

10mm White Howlite Round Gemstone Beads - Per strand

Model: SP-3674

White Howlite (Natural) 10mm Round Gemstone Beads. The natural snow-white material is opaque with f..

$14.20 Ex Tax: $12.91

10x7mm Flat Oval Aqumarine Beads - 12in strand

Model: SP-3988

Aquamarine Beads (dyed / heated), 9x6mm-12x9mm hand-cut flat oval, C grade, Mohs hardness 7-1/2 to 8..

$12.80 Ex Tax: $11.64

10x8mm B Grade Amethyst Oval Gemstone Cabochons - 1 pair

Model: CB-1159

Natural Amethyst 10x8mm calibrated oval B grade cabochons. Mohs hardness 7. Per pair ..

$21.50 Ex Tax: $19.55

10x8mm Howlite Lapis Oval Cabochons

Model: CB-1484

Lapis blue howlite is dyed to resemble lapis lazuli. Howlite can contain grey to black inclusions an..

$0.90 Ex Tax: $0.82

12mm AAA Non-Magnetic Hematite (Manmade) Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-2312

Non-magnetic Hematite Beads Strands, AAA, Round, Black Size: about 12mm in diameter, hole: 1-1.5m..

$3.95 Ex Tax: $3.59

12mm Faceted Garnet Gemstone Round Beads

Model: SP-8647

11-12mm Natural (undyed) Faceted Round C+ Grade Garnet Gemstone Beads Sold per 8 inch strand - $2..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

12mm Grey Crackle Agate Round Gemstone Beads

Model: SP-8408

11-12mm Grey Crackle Agate (dyed/stabilised) B-Grade Gemstone Beads.  Lovely beads! Sold per..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $27.23

12mm Howlite Lapis Round Cabochons

Model: CB-1476

Lapis blue howlite is dyed to resemble lapis lazuli. Howlite can contain grey to black inclusions an..

$1.70 Ex Tax: $1.55