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Fantasy Film & Fiber

Fantasy Film & Fiber

Created from polyester films, Fantasy Film is a highly luminescent, transparent film which when heated shrinks.   It can be used to create collage art and in many other ways that will bring brilliant light and luminescence to your work.  Also wonderful for making Fairy Wings for your polymer clay fairies, dragons and brooches.  Here is a link to an excellent tutorial on making fairy wings with Fantasy Film:

Fantasy Fiber is a soft fiber also made from polyester - Press it, stamp it, cut it, weave it, sew it, wash it! Add flash and sparkle to knitting and weaving. Combine Fantasy Fiber with Fantasy Film and add Glitter to your projects.  It will bond to Fantasy Film when heated.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING FLAT SHEETS: Set Teflon coated iron to medium or polyester setting. Place three to four layers of film or a small amount of fibers on parchment paper. Lay another piece of parchment or non-stick pressing cloth on top. Press with iron firmly for 3-10 seconds. Lift parchment to reveal a totally unique sheet of fabric! The more layers /fibers you melt together, the stronger the fabric sheet. You can die cut it, use a hand punch or scissors. Soon you will be able to predict the outcome of the bonding procedure, allowing you to create colours and textures you never dreamed of before. Fantasy film comes in rolls which measure 4" width x 10ft length - make wider sheets by overlapping them and laying parchment paper over the top and ironing it to fuse.  You will have a seam but can dress it up with fiber, paint or glitter etc.

3-DIMENSIONAL BONDING: Try using a heat tool or a candle flame. Crunch film into a shape, like a heart, or make a fiber sheet as above, hold with tweezers and bring sheet close to heat source until it has melted into the desired shape! Be careful not to over heat.  To make fairy wings - create a wire wing shape and coat surface with clear glue.  Lay sheets of fantasy film on both sides of wire shape then heat gently until film bonds together.  Trim around wing shape with scissors.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Too much heat/dwell time/pressure will cause film/fiber to become more coppery, or a loss of color may occur and film may bubble or melt away. Colours change with heat. Fantasy Film and Fiber fuses to itself and to each other only. Use with Glitter, paints, fibers & other embellishments for endless possiblities.