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Blades, Needle Tools + Drills

Blades, Needle Tools + Drills
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14cm Kemper Tissue (Clay) Stainless Steel Slicing Blades

Model: T-3852

A package of two non-rusting stainless steel blades - approx 14cm length.   Great for straight ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

4.5" (11.4cm) Thomas Scientific Clay (Tissue) Slicing Blades

Model: T-2

The original and my personal favourite! Super sharp steel blades with moderate flexibility, great fo..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Amaco Flexible Polyblade

Model: 11052K

This unique, super flexible blade makes curved cuts and arcs in polymer clay or canes. It is a fu..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Amaco Polyblade with blade cover

Model: 11050H

Designed specifically for use with polymer clay, the PolyBlade is a full 6" long, 3/4" wide, and is ..

$11.25 Ex Tax: $10.23

Beading Awl w/Ergonomic Handle

Model: AWL3

An awl is a beading tool used for knotting. The awl makes it easier for you to make consistent &..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.18

Beadsmith Metal Awl for Knotting

Model: AWL1

Metal Awl for knotting when beading, or for making holes in polymer clay beads (before baking). &nbs..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

Eurotool 12pc Hand Drill Set Out Of Stock

Eurotool 12pc Hand Drill Set

Model: DRL-245.12

This 12pc Drill Set in blue anodized handle has a 3/8″ diameter barrel and pocket clip, which preven..

$27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00

Eurotool 12pc Replacement Drill Bits for DRL-245.12 Out Of Stock

Eurotool 12pc Replacement Drill Bits for DRL-245.12

Model: DRL-245.13

Twelve piece replacement drill set in tube for the popular Pocket Drill Set (DRL-245.12) includes on..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.59

Eurotool Pattern/Texture Tool w/3 wheels

Model: CVR-255-03

Use this unique tool to make small repeated designs on clay. Made of a hardened plastic, non-stick m..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Eurotool Pro-Cutting Blade Set Out Of Stock

Eurotool Pro-Cutting Blade Set

Model: KNF-283

Make clean and precise cuts in polymer or metal clay with our 4pc Stainless Steel Pro Cutting Blade ..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77

Excel Craft Knife Spare Blade Set - 5 blades

Model: EHK-BL

Five-pack of replacement blades for Excel hobby knifes. ..

$3.00 Ex Tax: $2.73

Excel Hobby Knife

Model: EHK-1

Excel hobby knives. Double-honed super sharp blades; easy to replace! Point is excellent for poking ..

$4.99 Ex Tax: $4.54

Excel Hobby Knife - Soft Grip

Model: EHK-2

Excel hobby knives with soft grip for added comfort. 4-jaw chuck has more holding power for blades. ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Fimo Clay Cutter Blades - Set of 3

Model: 8700-04

Fimo brand Set of 3 Cutter Blades - extra thin specially sharp blades which give effortless cutting ..

$17.50 Ex Tax: $15.91

Flexible Steel Clay Slicing Blade Set - 3 pc plus handle

Model: TL-3521

Set of flexible steel cutting blades for polymer & precious metal clay, Apoxie® Sculpt and other..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Kato Nu-Blade

Model: KA-NUB

Manufactured exclusively for polymer clay. Cuts large and small canes. Resistance to torque and twis..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36

Kemper Pro-Tool - Aluminium Needle Tool or Awl

Model: T-6

Heavy 16cm Needle Tool with Aluminium Handle Indispensable pointed tool for making holes in Polymer ..

$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.23

Kemper Utility Knife

Model: KE-17001

Kemper hobby knives. 4-jaw chuck has more holding power for blades. Perfect for precision cutting. I..

$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.14

Pearl & Bead Drilling Vise

Model: PDV100

Great for centering and holding pearls and beads securely while drilling or reaming holes.  ..

$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.23

Pin Vise (Hand Drill)

Model: J80

90mm long Pin Vise with two drill attachment points on either end - for use as a hand-drill to drill..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50