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Resin & Accessories

Resin & Accessories

All your Resin Supplies are here - two part Epoxy Resins, UV Curing Resins, Vitrium Resin Clay and all the tools and accessories to go with them.

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1" (25mm) Clear Epoxy Resin Adhesive Circles

Model: EP-DOT1

1" (25mm) round epoxy self-stick dots. Quickly protect and magnify your image. Similar to the look o..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

18ga Pink Dispenser Needles for Syringes or Bottles

Model: 503119

Use this 18-ga. (pink) replacement needle tip with dispenser bottles or syringes. 18-gauge (pink)..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55

20ga Dispenser Needle for Plastic Syringes or Bottles

Model: 503120

Use this 20-ga. (Yellow) replacement needle tip with dispenser bottles or syringes. Price: 1-9..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55

22ga Brown Dispenser Needles for Syringes or Bottles

Model: 503118

Use this 22ga (brown) replacement needle tip with dispenser bottles or syringes. 22-gauge (brown)..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55

26ga Beige Dispenser Needles for Syringes or Bottles

Model: 503123

Use this 26-ga (beige) replacement needle tip with dispenser bottles or syringes. 26-gauge (beige..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55

3CC Plastic Syringes for Resin or Craft

Model: 638972

For more precise placement of your resin, dye, liquid sculpey or other liquid  this 3cc syringe..

$2.20 Ex Tax: $2.00

Amazing Casting Resin - 16oz - Aumilite (White)

Model: 10580

16 oz. Amazing Casting Resin kit. Easy-to-use resin that cures in less than 10 minutes. Very thin ..

$51.00 Ex Tax: $46.36

Amazing Mold Putty - 2/3lb (300gm)

Model: 82-544-11

2/3 lb (302gm). Amazing Mold Putty. 2-Part Nontoxic, FDA compliant food-grade silicone that you m..

$43.50 Ex Tax: $39.55

Castin'Craft Mold Release & Conditioner

Model: 33900

All moulds require a mould release when casting with Clear Polyester Casting Resin.  We reco..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Castin'Craft Stir Stick

Model: 1012

Wooden Stirring stick designed to be used for stirring Resin or Envirotex Lite when mixing two pa..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55

Dimensional Magic Top-Coat by Mod Podge - 2 fl oz

Model: MOPO-DM

Create faux mosaic, quilt and other textures with added dimension. Dries clear and allows the ful..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Envirotex Jewelry Resin Kit w/mixing tools - 4oz (118ml)

Model: 02504

Professional results are easy to achieve with EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin!  This product adds dept..

$22.95 Ex Tax: $20.86

Envirotex Lite Epoxy High Gloss - 500ml (No Express)

Model: ENV500

Envirotex Lite Pour-On Finish is a reactive polymer compound.  It cures to a thick, glossy c..

$42.95 Ex Tax: $39.05

Gel du Soleil Sunlight Curing Epoxy Resin Gloss - 9ml

Model: GDS09

Nunn Design™ Gel du Soleil is an excellent way to get started creating gorgeous designs. Try thi..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

Ice Resin 8oz - Jewellers Grade Crystal Clear Doming Resin

Model: ICE8

Jewellers Grade Resin - Ice Resin ™ Two-Part Formula - Crystal Clear. Non-toxic Ice Resin™ two-p..

$43.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Ice Resin Clear Doming Resin - 25ml 2-Part Dispenser

Model: ICE1

New dispenser with locking cap.  Makes 25ml of ICE Resin® without measuring… just pus..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $22.68

Ice Resin Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks - 5 of each


Perfect for use with our 1 ounce ICE Resin. Use cups and stirrers to mix small batches of colour ..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.09

Ice Resin Mixing Cups & White Stir Sticks - 20 ea

Model: ICECUPS20

Ice Resin Mixing Cups & White Stir Sticks - Pack of 20 of each...

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

Ice Resin Paper Sealer - 1 fl oz


ICE Resin Art Mechanique Paper Sealer by Susan Lenart Kazmer is ideal for sealing photographs and..

$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.23

Judikins Fluxe Enamelling Resin Powder - 2oz

Model: JDG-FLX

Judikins Fluxe Enameling Resin will give you the effects of high-gloss resin in an easy to use po..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $11.36